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FRASERS - Catalog of Industrial Suppliers and Manufacturers

FRASERS - Industrial Supply Companies

Frasers is a comprehensive directory and search tool, providing information on Canadian industrial wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and their products and services. In addition, we list international companies that supply goods and services to the Canadian marketplace.

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more Computer, Laser, Fiber Optics & Audio Visual Equipment
Audio/Visual Equipment & Optics
Computer Software
Computer Hardware
Internet and Online
more Food & Related Products
Processing Machinery, Equipment & Supplies
Ingredients & Additives
Packaging Machinery, Equipment, Supplies & Services
Logistics, Transportation & Materials Handling
Technical Consulting Services
Health & Safety, Sanitation Supplies & Services
more Industrial & Business Infrastructure
Booths/Chambers/Platforms & Related Areas
Cleaning, Installation/Repair & Facility Upkeep Equipment
Furniture & Appliances
Lighting/Display Cases & Components
Safety/Security/Protective/Medical Equipment & Access Control
Industrial & Commercial Building Supplies
Business/Office Equipment & Supplies
Food/Beverage/Livestock & Restaurant Related
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
Recreational/Consumer & Home Use
Signage/Labelling/Publishing/Drafting & Promotional
more Industrial Commercial Vehicles
Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs
Vehicle Accessories & Support
Vehicle Parts/Fluids
more Industrial Design and Construction Services
Cargo & Transportation
Engineers, Consultants, Designers & Human Resources
Equipment Leasing & Rentals
Cleaning, Maintenance, Installation, Rebuilding & Repairs
Manufacturing & Fabrication
Inspection, Detection & Analysis
more Industrial Supplies & Materials
Chemicals/Compounds & Gases
Adhesives, Absorbent, Sealants, Settings, Abrasives, Cleaners, Paints & Coatings
Powder & Shot
Glass & Glassware
Crystals, Salts, Minerals, Rock & Unprocessed
Fabrics, Fibres & Cordage, Nets/Netting
Ceramics, Brick & Refractory Products
Rubber, Plastics & Polymers
Sheet Metal Supply & B2B Alloy Suppliers
Prepared/Processed & Multipurpose Materials
Wood & Lumber
more Liquid and Air Flow Pressure Regulators
Tubing, Sleeving & Hose
Compressor, Condenser, Pressure & Vacuum Equipment
Piping & Related
Water Pump Manufacturer Directory
Flow/Moisture Regulation & Control
more Material Maintenance Management
Material Packaging
Material & Fluid Mixing/Sorting, Filtering, Purifying, Collecting & Separating
Material Storage/Containment & Warehousing
Materials Recycling/Reclaiming/Disposal
Material Extraction (Mining/drilling)
Materials Movement/Handling
more Material Shaping Tools & Equipment
Dies & Moulds
Crushers, Presses, & Stamping/Punching
Drilling & Boring
Welding, Joining, Sealing & Fastening
Machinery Locator
Bending, Shaping, Milling & Extrusion
Cutting/Slitting, Lathe, Threading, Chipping
Grinding/Surfacing/Polishing/Coating/Plating & Marking/Engraving/Painting
more Testing Apparatus Equipment & Laboratory Supply
Measuring & Sensing Equipment
Testing/Detecting & Monitoring/Alerting
Timekeeping/Counting Equipment
Visual & Auditory Enhancement/Feedback
Analysis & Research
Labware & Laboratory Equipment
more Water Treatment Firms, Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipment
Chemical Treatment
Heating/Combustion & Cooling Equipment
Water & Wastewater Treatment
more Wholesale & Brand Name Power Tools and Hardware
Bearings, Casters & Balls
Automation/Robotic Equipment & Assemblies
Control Related Parts & Systems
Source Hinges, Construction Fasteners & More
Fittings, Adapters & Connectors
Seals, Liners, Lubricators & Protective Components
Springs & Coils
Motion & Power Transmission
Sound & Vibration Control/Generation
Tools, Tool & Machine Parts & Devices
Wire, Cable & Related Equipment
more Wholesale Electronic Components
Magnet Related
General Electrical Equipment/Components
Signal Acquisition & Conditioning
Power/Signal Generation & Storage
Electrical/Circuit Control
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