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We offer the most sophisticated portfolio analytics in the simplest way. StatPro offers a forensic level of analysis to each and every asset management company in the world.

Whether you manage only one simple portfolio or thousands of the most complex portfolios, we can provide you with analysis to satisfy your sales and regulatory requirements.

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StatPro Revolution Product Tour Summer 2012

StatPro Revolution Product Tour Summer 2012


  • Equity Attribution
  • FI Attribution
  • Historical performance and position size heatmap
  • Individual stocks contribution chart
  • Main dashboard

StatPro Revolution

The most sophisticated cloud based portfolio analysis and reporting platform in the world, allowing you and your clients to see exactly how investments are performing. StatPro Revolution is the smarter way to greater assets under management.

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analytics service combining sophisticated performance measurement, risk and attribution analysis with unlimited reporting. Analyze your portfolios your way, make changes in a few clicks and see the results immediately.


Convince me

Don’t just take our word for it. Hundreds of clients use StatPro for their portfolio analysis and decision-making everyday. We’re working with Asset Managers, Fund Administrators, Custodians, RIAs, IFAs, CEOs and ACDs. Over to them to tell you about this awesome cloud-based service.

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