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Senate limits time left for debate on suspending Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy

The Conservatives used their majority in the Senate Monday to limit further debate on motions to suspend three senators without pay

Coderre says he represents a new era for Montreal. Citizens understandably skeptical

Graeme Hamilton: Montreal's half-hearted endorsement of Mr. Coderre shows it will take more than words to restore their trustEm

Police searching for gunman after shots fired in New Jersey mall

Emergency radio transmissions say authorities are waiting for SWAT teams to arrive. No contact has been made with a shooter

Once the lieutenant ID'ed his captive as the Kommandant of Auschwitz, he told his men: 'Ten minutes'

Thomas Harding: And that’s when the axe handles began to fly in the untold side story on March 11, 1946 of the capture — and beating — of Rudolf Höss

It's actually a thing: Anti-rape garments designed to frustrate attackers are selling well

Robyn Urback: Once secured, the underwear and shorts cannot be pulled down unless the user releases the latch, which works like a combination lock

BlackBerry’s rescue close to a corporate coup d’état

ANALYSIS: The so-called rescue of BlackBerry, Canada’s badly tarnished former tech darling, is as close to a corporate coup as this country has seen

Toronto hospital building a revolutionary ‘poop bank’ as antidote against C. difficile

A suburban Toronto hospital is asking its patients to make an unusual — and somewhat smelly — deposit upon their admittance to the facility

Canadian man fights strict Dubai swearing laws by arguing ‘f— off’ is not an insult in Canada

‘My client is a Canadian citizen and f— off is not an insult in Canada,’ lawyer Uday Al-Kazwini told the Dubai Misdemeanour Court

Justin Trudeau walks fine line with oil-sands stance

Trudeau is walking an intentionally fine line following two high-profile expressions of support in recent weeks for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline

‘Fat Leonard’ bought U.S. Navy secrets with bribes, prostitutes, Lady Gaga tickets: prosecutors

'It's pretty big when you have one person who can dictate where ships are going to go and being influenced by a contractor'

Teen spends nearly two days sandwiched between buildings: Only rescued after moaning was heard

A 19-year-old New York University student was rescued Sunday from a narrow shaft sandwiched between two buildings in Tribeca

Fears of extremist warfare in Greece as police link neo-Nazi's murders to far-left terrorists

The Greek counter-terrorism squad has taken over the investigation into Friday night’s attack by two assassins on a motorbike

10-year-old Nova Scotia boy becomes youngest to discover supernova… beating his sister’s record

National Post columnist Joe O’Connor reached Nathan Gray at his home in Nova Scotia and spoke to him about dying stars and inter-galactic sibling rivalries

Police search for motive in tragic murder-suicide death of London, Ontario family

One thing seems likely: 21-year-old Qyzra Walji, a severely disabled young woman who graduated high school this year, was killed by one of her parents

Terror suspect eludes London police by disguising himself as a woman, hiding face in niqab

It’s still not clear how he managed to escape the program’s GPS tagging. The Metropolitan Police says it’s still trying to find him

Serge the llama an Internet sensation after drunken French teens take circus performer on joyride

A circus llama has become an internet hero after a group of drunken French youths ‘liberated’ the animal and took it on a nocturnal tram tour of Bordeaux

Fiery crash kills eight, injures 10 after botched landing during storm

Bolivian authorities say a small airliner crashed while trying to land at an airport in northern Bolivia and eight people died

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Justin Trudeau is an island of calm amid contradictory polls and the soap opera in Question Period

Kelly McParland: Canadians have had too much of Ottawa and Trudeau stands for nothing in particular, so they’re happy to share his quiet table for a while

Conservatives' closed door convention doesn't win them any new friends

Andrew Coyne: The Tories’ problem is that their list of enemies keeps growing, and as it grows, it includes more of the party’s staunchest supporters

Conservatives begin to think of a future without Harper and his presidential style

John Ivison: To use the old PG Wodehouse line, if the mass of Conservative delegates were not disgruntled, they were also far from gruntled

Rob Ford’s best option is step aside and get help. Of course, that won’t happen

Matt Gurney: Ford’s unstable personal life cannot continue to be the defining issue in our city, but the circus around the Mayor is about to get worse

Canadian Politics

Justin Trudeau walks fine line with oil-sands stance

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is walking an intentionally fine line following two high-profile expressions of support in recent weeks for the oilsands and the controversial Keystone XL pipeline


Why you need to look beyond the market’s euphoria

Martin Pelletier: This has no doubt been an outstanding year in the equity markets as many stocks, especially in the U.S., reach new all-time highs

Tech Desk

The amazing life of Apple’s iPod: 12 years and counting

On the iPod's 12th anniversary, we take a look back on the history of the pocket-sized music machine that did exactly what Jobs intended it to do: revolutionize the way we experience music


How Shnarped Hockey app scored big on Dragons’ Den

While all five dragons' went in on a deal with the former hockey players turned app makers on air, Jim Treliving took the lead and ended up skating solo


Bon Jovi inducted into the Air Canada Centre Hall of Fame, play record-breaking 17th concert at the venue: Photos

Bon Jovi were on hand on Saturday for their induction, and played a show at the venue later that night

The Walking Dead, recapped: Season 4, Episode 4, ‘Indifference’

This episode was all about letting go, both figuratively and literally.

Julian Assange opened for M.I.A. in New York City on Friday night: Video

Singer M.I.A. has always been a politically outspoken artist, but she's not quite as active as the opening act at her New York City concert on Friday night: WikiLeaks founder Julia Assange

Israel & Middle East

Israeli jets ’target Syrian base to blow up missiles’

Israeli jets have launched an attack inside Syria to prevent missiles being transferred to the Lebanese militant group Hizbollah, according to new reports Thursday


The High Road: Tunnel vision in a 2014 Jaguar F-Type

An early Sunday morning ride through the famed Fraser Canyon landmarks in a slick cat

Builder pulls off perfect Chevy restoration

Bob Brody's search for his original '67 Chevy Impala convertible turns up another rare SS427

Gallery: Get ready for SEMA with these 26 cars

This year's SEMA show kicks off tomorrow, and these are just some of the very cool creations you can expect


Toronto Raptors fans should give up on dream of Steve Nash playing in Canada

Bruce Arthur: It was always a bit of a strange thing, Toronto’s recruitment of Steve Nash

Green Bay Packers lose Aaron Rodgers in key NFC North defeat at hands of Chicago Bears

Josh McCown won the battle of the backups after Aaron Rodgers was hurt and the Chicago Bears downed the Green Bay Packers

Toronto Maple Leafs brace for extended absence of Dave Bolland, Tyler Bozak

Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Randy Carlyle cannot say how long Tyler Bozak and Dave Bolland will be out

Josh Johnson’s qualifying offer too risky for Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays refused to extend qualifying offers to pitcher Josh Johnson and outfielder Rajai Davis

Personal Finance

Wintering down south and staying above the law

Trying to escape Canada’s colder months? Better put not running afoul of the IRS at the top of your to-do list


Jack Dorsey may have found the key to successfully selling technology to SMEs — not selling to them at all

Square CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey is attempting to get cynical SMEs jazzed about a credit card processing system by getting satisfied entrepreneurs to promote the system to each other... and it's working.

Posted Toronto

Peter Kuitenbrouwer: Rob Ford ‘MIA’ — ‘Council is running the place right now without him’

Everybody from the National Post to the Toronto Board of Trade has called on the mayor to step aside. Mr. Ford says he will stay

Ford quotes: Before and After

When faced with allegations of controversial behaviour, Mayor Rob Ford has often responded one way, only to respond rather differently later. Some examples

‘This is a world issue now’: Toronto city council conflicted on how to deal with Mayor Rob Ford

Mayor Rob Ford sought on Monday to push past the controversy that still dogs him, challenging political allies to quit his team if they want to, as the ranks remain divided over whether his apologies go far enough.


Our house, it’s a demographic feat: How multigenerational family living is changing the face of Canadian households

With a baby on the way, Will Stroet and his wife, Kim The, realized their two-bedroom condo — which doubled as a work space — simply wasn’t going be sufficient


Forks & The Road: Noodles, mint and cilantro in Vietnam

In Vietnam, pho (pronounced fah) is the stable breakfast food.


Teens’ games room above garage can be a versatile space that could suit Gran, too

Bonus room can morph from billiards room to granny flat to quiet getaway space

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Police investigating after fan attacks beloved Victoria hockey mascot Marty the Marmot

Marty the Marmot, the Royals’ team mascot, is recovering after his antics earned him a body slam on the ice during a Royals home game on Saturday night

Miami Dolphins guard sent racist, threatening messages to teammate who made bullying allegations: sources

The Dolphins suspended Richie Incognito indefinitely late Sunday for his treatment of Jonathan Martin

Vast, $1.4-billion stash of art thought destroyed in Nazi Germany found in Munich apartment

Customs officials seized the haul of 1,500 works, including masterpieces by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Marc Chagall

'I was in a cult': Michelle Pfeiffer reveals she was involved with 'breatharian' movement

Pfeiffer admits that, in her twenties, she found herself guided by a ‘controlling’ couple who believed humans do not need food or water to survive – only…

Justin Bieber storms off stage after Brazilian fan hits him with a water bottle

The Canadian singer, having kept fans who paid $1,000 a ticket waiting three hours, gave the scowl of a lifetime after being hit squarely in the head

BlackBerry shares will plunge to US$3, analyst says as sale plans cancelled

‘Turnaround attempt number three not a charm,’ analyst says after BlackBerry surprised markets by dropping plans to sell itself. Here’s what the analysts say

With launch of Mangalyaan mission to Mars, India hopes to become fourth country to reach the red planet

More than half the world’s attempts to reach our planetary neighbour — 23 of 40 missions — have failed, including ones by Japan and China

'We'll miss you, Mrs. K': Simpsons offer heartbreaking tribute to Marcia Wallace

The Simpsons’ opening sequence on Sunday featured a message of tribute to the late voice actor in Bart Simpson’s weekly chalkboard segment

Miami Dolphins guard suspended after accusations he was bullying his teammate

‘We believe in maintaining a culture of respect for one another,’ the Dolphins said in a statement released shortly before midnight

You might think Eminem is crazy, but he's just saying things you don't understand

Or at least that’s the message the rapper seems to convey on his latest single, The Monster. The Post’s David Berry offers his full analysis of the song

An ugly night: Flyers-Capitals brawl a blow to those who defend fighting in hockey

Bruce Arthur: While you can put fighters in a box, it’s harder to put fighting in a box

How a hockey app scored big on Dragons' Den

While all five dragons’ went in on a deal with the former hockey players turned app makers on air, Jim Treliving took the lead and ended up skating solo

Watch as Stoke City goalkeeper kicks 97.5-yard shot to score on his counterpart

'I’ll keep my goal target to myself,' Stoke City’s Asmir Begovic joked. 'The lads have told me you’re not supposed to share those things'

Senators goalie Craig Anderson carried off on stretcher after taking knee to head

Anderson went down hard and was left motionless after being hit by Valeri Nichushkin in overtime

Houston Texans coach in recovery after collapsing at halftime during match against Colts

'He had an episode; he was light-headed and dizzy,' Houston general manager Rick Smith said 'He was evaluated by a number of specialists'

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