• Federal Court of Appeal clarifies no bar to business method patents in Canada

    by  • 2012-04-01 • 0 Comments

    My article, “Federal Court of Appeal clarifies that Canada has no bar on business method patents in Canada”, was published in the February issue of Intellectual Property Magazine. The article discusses the Federal Court of Appeal decision in Attorney General of Canada and The Commissioner of Patents v Amazon.com, Inc., 2011 FCA 328, which...

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    Low Voltage? Voltage Pictures drops Hurt Locker copyright infringement lawsuit against John Does

    by  • 2012-03-30 • 0 Comments

    I was just informed by my friend Alan Macek (of ippractice.ca) that Voltage Pictures LLC has apparently abandoned its lawsuit against various unnamed individuals accused of infringing copyright in the movie, Hurt Locker.  Nobody yet knows why.  The Huffington Post asked the movie producer for comments, but hasn’t gotten a response. It was only...

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    Beware fake patent invoices.

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    If you have filed a patent or trade-mark application recently, and receive an invoice about the filing, talk to your lawyer or agent before paying it.  You likely don’t have to. It may be a third-party invoice that has simply been designed to look like an official invoice, in the hopes that it gets...

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    WordPress timthumb.php hacking attempt

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    This is a quick public service announcement.  I recently had a bunch of hits on the following URLs, all in a row: /wp-content/themes/magazeen/timthumb.php /wp-content/themes/modularity/includes/timthumb.php /wp-content/themes/purevision/scripts/timthumb.php /wp-content/themes/profitstheme_11/thumb.php /wp-content/themes/PersonalPress/timthumb.php /wp-content/themes/Bold/timthumb.php /wp-content/themes/optimize/thumb.php /wp-content/themes/eVid/timthumb.php I don’t have those themes installed, but clearly someone was trolling to hit a vulnerability.  In fact, this vulnerability.  You can use this plugin...

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