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Let's go cruising!

Cruising is like a vacation on the water. Sailboat cruising is a little different than driving to a campground or hotel. You can plan all you want, but Mother Nature has a large say in your trip. We will offer suggestion on how to make the next cruise one to remember.

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Five minutes to start!

Learning to race can really be fun. I found that if you volunteer as crew at your local club, you learn the rules and techniques from experienced sailors. Let's take a look at some races coming up, and information on yacht clubs that welcome "new blood".

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Sailboat Maintenance

Have you ever changed the packing in a stuffing box? It's not as difficult as you may think. Take a look at what the experienced sailors pass along for your next project. Also listed are several links to marine websites, magazines, and sailing forums to help guide your way.

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All Sailors know how to tie knots. Or do they?

Do a lot of boating? Thinking about doing a lot of boating? If you answered yes to either of these questions there’s a chance you could use a refresher or an initial lesson on knots.To the right is one of the more popular nautical knots brought to you in technicolor…well, at least in moderately clear digital video via the wonders of YouTube! This video and more are courtesy of Howcast.

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