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Who would Benefit from Career Life Design?



The purpose of CAREER LIFE DESIGN Services is to facilitate, motivate, and empower individuals to create an inspiring and realistic life/work plan, and to achieve success



Are you in the process of considering a career change?
Are you planning to re-enter the workforce after being away for some time?
Are you a student – unsure of the many options that lie before you, and uneasy about choosing a course of study or career after graduation?
Or, do you require assistance with decision making, overcoming internal or external barriers, resume planning, improving study skills, or managing time effectively?

If you are like many people involved in making important decisions affecting their future, deciding on a new direction can prove overwhelming. CAREER LIFE DESIGN counselling services can help you make the link between your identity, your passions, the current labour market, and future work trends.

CAREER LIFE DESIGN will help you:

Create a self-assessment summary (interests, values, abilities, temperment, skills, life purpose, and lifestyle priorities), to clarify what you love to do.
Become aware of a wider range of occupational/career fields
Connect career alternatives with wants, needs and goals
Develop and practice research skills regarding information gathering
For group participants, form a support network to share ideas and resources
Find solutions to barriers, real or imagined, to create a positive future

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