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My Body My Temple

Three Life Lessons – What I learned from Dying Three Life Lessons – What I learned from Dying

I answered the phone one morning last December. The voice on the other side said, “Can you help me please angel? I’m dying and I know nothing at all about filling out paperwork for that.” There was something about his voice that was loving and sincere and calm.  He had the voice of a teacher, a friend, someone you would miss when they were gone.  Over the next 9 months John and I had a number of phone calls.  After each conversation, I would sit for moment and reflect.  What he left me with were life lessons – ideas that I would like to share with you today so that you... [Read more of this review]

Ten Reasons to Love (and like and attend) Yogapalooza! Ten Reasons to Love (and like and attend) Yogapalooza!

Join in on Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 for Yogapalooza and share a day of FREE  Movement, Music and Meditation at Harbourfront Centre.  See for details.   1.   Yogapalooza is Social Entrepreneurship   Doing good for the world, doing good for the community and strengthening families is what we are all about.  Yogapalooza is the biggest FREE family friendly outdoor Yoga event in Canada.  Our joy is to share the gift of Yoga and raise the consciousness of the world at the same time.    2.   Support The Community   Check out the Community Tent... [Read more of this review]

Travel Tips from the Yogis Travel Tips from the Yogis

Hello friends, Just back from Italy. First trip abroad with the beloved. We bent time and space and faced all of the required demons and angels masquerading as pizza.  Here’s what we learned: 1. Set your intention as you plan Is this a time for personal reflection? Developing a relationship? Writing? Health?  Make it clear in your heart and mind why you are going and be clear who you want to be along the way. And if the Plan changes as a result so be it. 2. Essential oil Take some with you. Pack it in your suitcase and you have a fool proof way of altering and enhancing your mood. Lavender... [Read more of this review]

How to End an Argument – The Kundalini Yoga Way How to End an Argument – The Kundalini Yoga Way

Stand ankles to ankles with your partner and bend down into downward dog or triangle pose as it’s known in Kundalini Yoga And in this upside down position lock eyes with your partner. Hold for 2 minutes. Can you stay mad in such an absurd circumstances? Doubt it That is the power of angles and triangles on the body, mind and spirit  Read More →

Strengthen Your Aura Strengthen Your Aura

Imagine the space around you, nine feet in all directions. This is your aura. Animals have hoofs, claws and teeth. Human beings have this divine shield of protection. What happens to you happens in your aura first so having a strong bright aura repels negativity draws in love, joy and peace. Here are 5 ways to strengthen your aura: 1. Sing out loud Chose an uplifting song or mantra and belt it out. The sound of your voice changes the vibration of cells in your body and of the Universe itself.  Here’s why mantras work so well: 2. Cold Showers A three minute cold shower feels great... [Read more of this review]

Online Yoga Techniques - Kriyas/Sets

Kriya for Intuition and Healing

PART ONE A. Sit in Easy Pose or in a chair with a straight spine. Pull a gentle... 

Kriya for the Skin

1 Sit and stretch legs out in front, arms at sides. “Pedal the legs”... 

Kriya for the Eyes

1. Stare at nose without blinking for 2 minutes. 2. Stare at one object... 

Crown Centre

This is known as the thousand-petalled lotus. It carries, when opened up, a powerful... 

Wahe Guru Subtle Body Kriya

This is an example of a meditative yoga kriya that uses mantra. Physically, the... 

Kriya for the Heart Centre

Easy pose.  Breathe deep and restfully, gently, rapidly tapping the heart centre... 

Basic Breath Series

1. Sit in easy pose.  Make an antenna of the right hand fingers and block the... 

Kriya for the Neutral Mind

Being neutral means being centered in the midst of everything.  It means that... 

Partner Yoga

Here is a short and powerful series of Yoga techniques for couples, incorporating... 

Kriya for Elevation

1.  This exercise is sometimes called the Ego Buster or Ego Eradicator because... 

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Online Yoga Techniques - Meditation

Meditation for the Heart Centre

Sit in an easy pose with an erect spine. Make the right hand into a fist... 

Meditation into Being

Eyes: Fix the eyelids at 1/10th open. The eyes look straight ahead through the... 

Expelled Breath Meditation

An easy way to confront our own fear of death and to go beyond that fear to experience... 

Prosperity Meditation

Sit in an easy cross legged position on the floor.  Or sit with a tall straight... 

Ganpattee Meditation


Seven Wave Sat Nam Meditation

This is a bij (seed) mantra meditation. Bij mantras such as “Sat Nam” are... 

Basic Breath Series

1. Sit in easy pose.  Make an antenna of the right hand fingers and block the... 

Meditation for Happiness

This meditation uses a mantra (sacred sounds) and a mudra (hand positions) to create... 

Meditation for the Neutral Mind

Press your thumb against each of the fingers in the following way as you chant: Guru... 

Meditation to Eliminate Anxiety

Bring your arms up, perpendicular to the floor as in a “Hands Up” position Palms... 

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