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Reopening of the Purchasers’ List

The Toronto Islands Residential Community Trust Corporation (the Trust) announces the reopening of its Purchasers’ List.

The system for purchasing a home on Toronto Island begins by applying to get on the Purchasers’ List.  Please read all the information carefully.

Applications will be received until Wednesday November 27, 2013 at 4:30 pm.  Please note, couriers do not reliably deliver to the Toronto Islands.
"Discover Toronto Island" map
Grannies in Spirit is happy to report that sales of the Discover Toronto Island maps is going very well. In 4 weeks, we've sold over 800 maps for a profit of over $1,600 that will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  For information or to buy maps (at $2 each), they are sometimes available at the Centre and Ward's ferry dock, or email

Here's a link that shows you what the map looks like.
Opening of Willow Square

Opening of Willow Square
Willow Square Officially Opened August 2012

The WIA has always been the heart of the community’s summer life.
It is where our parades begin, birders gather and dancing, music and theatre happen. 

It also fronts the path that takes thousands of visitors to the boardwalk and Ward’s Beach each year. But over years the space around this historic clubhouse seriously deteriorated, with cracked sidewalks, uneven ground and on the city’s side of the path, broken glass and garbage from the weekly garbage collection.

In the winter of 2010 we dreamed of transforming this space into something beautiful and celebratory – and then we asked you to help us realize that dream.  

And you did, in numbers greater than we could have ever imagined.  More than 175 people and several organizations and corporations have helped create this Willow Square. An amazing community effort. 

Thank you, everyone – pebblers, gardeners, builders and donors – you made it happen.

We owe a special thanks to Maggy Howarth who taught us how to make pebble mosaics. And to Warren Hoselton and his City Parks staff who never said “no”. 

We now have a beautiful space where people can gather for events or sit and reflect looking at the gardens or just eat an ice cream cone sitting with friends on the armour stones. Over time there will be more plants, new benches, a water fountain, bulletin board. Next year we will install the restored Landing Stage, connecting us back to the early years of the Ward’s tent community.

But that’s for the future – for now we declare Willow Square officially open.

Kathleen Doody, Jerry Englar and Penny Lawler

Photo by Sean Tamblyn


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