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Canadian Caregivers Association a forum for Caregivers in Canada

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caregiver canada
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You may select this option because you may need help. We receive hundreds of inquiries every day from families and caregivers who may be in a desperate situation or simply need guidance on different matters.

Non-for-profit placements

You have reached the place where employers and caregivers register for a Non-for-Profit placement. Employers are able to select caregivers and candidates submit their information for prospective employers to receive.

How to choose a placement/nanny agency

With the ever increasing number of nanny agencies available, which one do you pick? Click here and we will provide you with questions you should ask the agency, as well as what answers you should be receiving. Thousands of Canadian families and foreign nationals have participated in the Live-in Caregiver Program (LIC).

Policies & advocacy

Project 2009 is a special initiative that has been launched by the CCA in conjunction with recent public outcry over cases of caregiver exploitation in the Greater Toronto Area. Please visit to see updates and to find more information, policy proposals, and event listings for 2009.

caregiver in canada
We are the Canadian Caregivers Association. We are a charity that works to help family caregivers preserve themselves through education, support and advocacy programs. We also seek recognition of the crucial role of family caregivers by the professional healthcare team members caring for their loved one. We work with other organizations that provide support for the person with the disease. Some are listed in the useful links page. Our responsibility is to help the family caregiver throughout their jorney. The CCA was founded in 2004 and it is governed by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are caregivers. Membership is open to all live-in caregivers in Canada.
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