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Custom Magnets Designs, Flexible Sheet, Specialty Magnets: Jobmaster
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Stock Magnets
This family of magnetic materials is one of the most commonly used.

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This item, 24 inches in width, is available with adhesive laminate.

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Rare Earth
Commonly referred to as Neo, this material is the strongest available.

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Tool & Specialty
These magnets are a good choice for automation and material handling.

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and Clearance
Review favourite products, special offers and our clearance items.

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Custom Magnets - Jobmaster

Searching for a customized magnet—you’ve come to the right place! In business since 1984, Jobmaster Magnets custom designs and produces specialty magnets. We also manufacture magnetic components and materials. A specialist in magnetic technology, we possess the necessary equipment and the expertise to create a single prototype or mass produce magnetic items that meet your specific requirements. All of our products are manufactured under certified ISO 9000 quality control systems and comply with current MMPA standards.

Looking for something more common? We have access to all commercially available technologies, keep more than a million magnets in stock and carry miles of flexible strip and sheet magnets. From sweepers and separation devices to handling magnets that lift, hold and position—we have the magnets you need to keep your business moving forward. 
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