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Catherine Varga Divine Sound and Light Healing
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Catherine Varga

Divine Sound and Light Healing

Conscious Reincarnation™

A Divine Sound and Light Healing Retreat

Participants will learn more about who they are, their beliefs, where they are rooted and how they help them or hinder them. Once these limiting aspects or blocks, are revealed, we will work on some basic healing techniques to remove them and to increase their Divine Light Energy, the root of the manifestation energy that creates and maintains more harmony and balance in life.

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What They're Saying

I have had the benefit of many great healers and energy workers over the past 18 years... working with Catherine is perhaps the most enjoyable and rewarding...(more)
- Michael DiMuccio, President
Good Vibrations International Inc.
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Catherine Varga

Catherine Varga

Ascension Grand Master

Catherine Varga, Ascension Grand Master and Advanced Sound Healing Master Teacher, resonates to same vibration as, and is divinely guided by, the Divine Oneness of All That Is. All her healing programs & sessions are designed to be transformational on many levels and to accelerate the advancement of an ascending human consciousness of the Divine Oneness of Divine Love and Light.

The world is going through a cleansing and will soon ascend to another level of being. It is vital that we accelerate our own evolution. As a consciousness, each of us is making decisions to release every person, limiting belief and experience that moves us off our Divine Path. Releasing the negative affects and limiting beliefs of the past and identifying and anchoring core beliefs are the two main areas I see as the greatest area of struggle and focus for many people at this important time.

Sound Reiki Methodology

The Conscious Reincarnation™ Programs and Workshops were created to accelerate your spiritual growth using Divine Sound and Light Energy. The combination of Divine Sound and Reiki techniques in the programs create a unique, enhanced approach to Sound Reiki. The ability to affect energy as described in traditional Reiki and Qi Gong practices is augmented and ascended with the use of sound, specifically the tonal frequencies of the human voice. This healing energy powerfully affects all dimensions of your being.

In the Divine Sound and Light Healing Audio Program, the intents and tones for each of the four sessions, combined with your belief in a higher power, can release blocks that are affecting you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. The healing aligns with your determination to grow and is driven by your inner instinct and inner knowing of a need to be your Authentic Self.

A wonderful aspect of this Divine Sound and Light Healing Program is that it works in tandem with any other healing methodologies that you may be utilizing. By ascending your Divine Light vibration, it takes the effects to another level, increasing the benefits that you will achieve. The sessions in this program can be used over and over again to realize continuous benefits as you ascend to new levels of consciousness.

"When we shift, the world shifts. The more we shift Divine Pathways are illuminated and aligned to Divine Truth and Love where anything is possible. Together, we will create One People, One Planet, and One Love, the time is NOW."... Catherine Varga


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People Who Purchased The Program Are Saying:

The clarity in this CD was so powerful; I felt the speaker's presence in the room with us! more>>
Susan Lemay
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