Use Personal Profiling to Find Top Producers

Eighty-five years of research proves that only 16% of all employees are top producers. Personal profiling can help you find and retain top producing employees who will help your business grow and excel.

A Personality Profile Can Help You Find and Retain the Best Employees

There is no relationship between performance and educational qualifications, gender, age, experience or many of the other commonly used criteria to select people for a position. Even if you have every other aspect of your business performing perfectly, your people could still ensure that your business does not survive, or fails to make a profit.  The right people can be the difference between extinction and survival, profit and loss. A personality profile can help you find the right people.

Use a Personality Tests to Avoid Personnel Mistakes

In business there are a number of people problems that many companies encounter.  To avoid these problems your business should:

Research and studies have found that when people were “job matched” into positions that they were capable of performing, were motivated and in an environment that suited their personality and behaviour, they were successful. Personality tests are a great way to ensure that you are matching the right person to the right job.

When people were “job matched” into their positions, companies experienced:

  • Increases of up to 27% in earnings
  • Increases of up to 44% in profitability
  • Increases of up to 70% in productivity
  • Decreases of up to 70% in turnover
  • Increases of 86% in Customer Loyalty
  • Improvement of 78% in safety records

We at Vero Solutions Inc. can help you determine all the attributes of your proven top producers.  Then you can coach your current people to greater productivity and always hire top producers in the future.

We offer a complimentary consultation and free trial.  Contact us today to learn more about our assessments, such as personal profiling and how they can help you improve the productivity and performance of your staff.