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Goal, ideas and how it was born.

Visiting numerous interviews we came up with idea that this is like a well-prepared spectacle where one side always knows the game rules and other side usually does not. This is our attempt to contribute to interview culture education, based on our experience and experience we could find on the Web. I would sincerely appreciate your comments, contribution and advice. This site for all of us! Let's do it together!

Is it free?

This entire site is and will probably always be free.

However, we do provide some additional services we charge for.

Your donations are also very welcome. Without your support and contribution, we would not be able to maintain this site up to date. If you feel this site has helped you to find a job, please do contribute.

For the further instructions, please click here.


I believe the job search is the game with predefined rules. You may increase your chances to find the job quickly if you follow these rules. There are three major steps of the job search process:

  1. Resume Preparation
  2. Interview
  3. Salary Negotiation

Remember that your resume serves exclusively the purpose to attract the employer! Nothing else! If you've been called for the interview, you may claim that your resume was successful. You may use resume preparation hints as a starting point for your resume.

Interview is the second part of the game and the most important one. You should do your best to demonstrate your knowledge, personal and inter-personal skills. See side bar for the interview tips and hints.

Salary negotiation is the final accord of the job search. I cannot help you here too much, because this is too individual and painful process. A few tips might be found in "After Interview" sidebar.

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