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Jamia Muhammadia

Welcome to Jamia Muhammadia Qila Didar Singh
Founder of Jamia Muhammadia Molana Qazi Ismat Ullah Passed away on 25th October 2011. (Inna lillahi wa inna alehi rajioon)

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News and Events


Construction of  a market (Waqf for Jamia) is under way. All income of the market shall be donated to Jamia. Estimated expense of construction are about Rs. 3.0 million. Donations for the noble cause are invited.

f Development of a Public Library comprising of Islamic  books in Markazi Masjid is planned.

Funeral Video Clip

Jamia Muhammadia

Jamia Muhammadia, Qila Didar Singh is a renowned religious institute of the country. Regular sessions of the Jamia started in 1930 in Markazi Masjid, Qila Didar Singh under the supervision of Late Maulana Qazi Noor Muhammad. Academics continued in Markazi Masjid since long.

After his demise, his son Qazi Ismat Ullah continued the educational activities of the Jamia.

In 1967, more land was acquired at out skirt of the town for construction of new building of the Jamia. Educational activities were shifted in the new building in 1975.

A separate mosque, Masjid Nomani, was also constructed at Jamia Muhammadia. At present, the Jamia spans over an area of 10 kanal with on-going construction and improvement work.

In 1961, special Tafseer-ul-Quran course was started in the Jamia. Jamia was registered by Wifaq-ul-Madaaris-ul-Arabia in 1986 and later on got registered by Government of Pakistan.

Jamia has provided thousands of religious scholars to the society which spread all over the country. These scholars provide divine guidance to human beings towards the righteous path.

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