Last revision: 30 September, 2010

Privacy Policy

1. Information that is gathered from users

Contact and registration information: When you sign up for Toronto.Net you provide us with your name, email, phone and fax number.

Submitted Web Sites and Ads: One of the primary reasons you may create account is to submit to Toronto.Net Directory your Web Sites or place and Ads (either Text of Image Banner).

Transactional Information: We may retain some of the details of transactions or payments you make on Toronto.Net.

Interactive Information: We may collect information when you interact with Toronto.Net, such as:

  • Site activity information: We keep track of some of the actions you take on Toronto.Net, such as login, adding or editing web site or Ads records. We log also account creation and password reminder actions;
  • Browser Information: When you access Toronto.Net from a computer, mobile phone, or other device, we may collect information from that device about your browser type, IP address and the pages you visit.
  • Cookie Information: We use "cookies" (small pieces of data we store for an extended period of time on your computer, mobile phone, or other device) to make Toronto.Net easier to use, to make our advertising better. For example, we use them to store your login ID (but never your password) to make it easier for you to login whenever you come back to Toronto.Net. We also use them to confirm that you are logged into Toronto.Net, and to know when you are interacting with our website and our advertisements. You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases that may impact your ability to use Toronto.Net website.

We accept no information from children under age 13: If you are under age 13, please do not attempt to register on Toronto.Net or provide any personal information about yourself to us. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 13, we will delete that information as quickly as possible.

2. Information we collect

The sites and pages displayed as search results or linked to by Toronto.Net are developed by people over whom Toronto.Net exercises no authority. The search results that appear in Toronto.Net are indexed by Toronto.Net automated computers, and Toronto.Net cannot and does not screen the pages before including them in the indices from which such automated search results are gathered. A search using Toronto.Net may produce search results and links to sites that some people find inappropriate, objectionable, or offensive. We cannot guarantee that a Toronto.Net search will not locate unintended or objectionable content and assume no responsibility for the content of any site included in any search results.

2. How We Use Your Personal Information

We use the information we collect to try to provide a safe, efficient, and customized experience. Here are some of the details on how we do that:

  • To manage the service: We use the information we collect to provide our services and features to you, to measure and improve those services and features, and to provide you with customer support. We use the information to prevent potentially illegal activities, and to enforce our Terms of Use. We also use a variety of technological systems to detect and address anomalous activity and screen content to prevent abuse such as spam. These efforts may on occasion result in a temporary or permanent suspension or termination of some functions for some users.
  • To contact you: We may contact you with service-related announcements from time to time. You may opt out of all communications except essential updates on your account notifications page. We may include content you see on Toronto.Net in the emails we send to you.

3. How We Share Information

Toronto.Net is about sharing information with public audience while providing you with privacy settings that you can use to restrict other users from accessing some of your information. We share your information with third parties when we believe the sharing is permitted by you, reasonably necessary to offer our services, or when legally required to do so. For example:

  • When we publish Your Web Site in or Directory: When you have approved (accepted) submitted Web Site it will become available for public on pages of our Toronto.Net Directory under relevant assigned category. All Web Site contact information provided by you will be published ‘as-is’ on Web Site information page.
  • When you make a payment: When you enter into transactions with others or make payments on Toronto.Net, we will share transaction information with only those third parties necessary to complete the transaction. We will require those third parties to agree to respect the privacy of your information.
  • To help improve or promote our service: Sometimes we share aggregated information with third parties to help improve or promote our service. But we only do so in such a way that no individual user can be identified or linked to any specific action or information.

To respond to legal requests and prevent harm. We may disclose information pursuant to subpoenas, court orders, or other requests (including criminal and civil matters) if we have a good faith belief that the response is required by law.

4. How You Can Change or Remove Information

Editing your profile: You may change or remove your profile information at any time by going to your profile page and clicking “Edit My Profile.” Information will be updated immediately.

Edit submitted Web Sites and Ads: Using Web Site or Ads Management page you can edit web site or Ad information or event completely delete it. Limitations on removal. Even after you remove information about Web Site or Ad from your account come copies of that information may remain viewable until next scheduled Directory update (usually every second day).

Additionally, we may retain certain information to prevent identity theft and other misconduct even if deletion has been requested. Backup copies. Removed and deleted information may persist in backup copies for up to 90 days, but will not be available to others.

5. How We Protect Information

We do our best to keep your information secure. We keep your account information on a secured server behind a firewall. When you enter sensitive information (such as credit card numbers and passwords), we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). We also use automated and social measures to enhance security, such as analyzing account behaviour for fraudulent or otherwise anomalous behaviour, may limit use of site features in response to possible signs of abuse, may remove inappropriate content or links to illegal content, and may suspend or disable accounts for violations of our Terms of Use. Report Violations. You should report any security violations to us.

Defined Terms.

"Us," "we," "our," "Platform" and "Toronto.Net" mean the same as they do in the Terms Of Use. “Information” and “content” are used more generally and interchangeably here than in the Terms Of Use unless otherwise limited by the context.